Water Damage is Costing Homeowners Billions

a condo owner surrounded by multiple buckets catching water from an activated fire sprinkler

When many people think of home or commercial water damage, they might immediately associate it with a weather-related event. And while flooded properties are a common aftereffect of inclement weather, it might surprise you to learn that more insurance claims are being filed for non-weather-related water damage. And one of the costliest causes of water damage in commercial properties just so happens to be malfunctioning fire sprinklers, which underscores the importance of having proper safeguards — such as a fire sprinkler shut off tool — handy.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at why non-weather water damage is on the rise and what you can do to protect your property. Here’s a look:

Property Water Damage Trends

It’s estimated that about 1 out of every 50 homes file a water damage claim each year, with the average cost coming in at just under $7,000. However, large, commercial losses are on the rise — and when these occur, the price tag is much more significant. We’re talking upwards of $500,000. In fact, according to a report from the Insurance Information Institute, these large losses have doubled in number over the last several years — and many of these losses are not weather-related.

The reason for this uptick is largely infrastructure-related. Plumbing systems are aging in many properties and leaks are going undetected. In other cases, water damage is completely accidental. For instance, if a commercial property’s sprinkler system inadvertently activates and cannot be shut off quickly, it could cause a flooded mess. The good news is there’s a fire sprinkler shut off tool to help with this.

The Value of a Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool

It’s estimated that a single fire sprinkler can release 60 gallons of water every minute. That’s more than an average size bathtub full of water. What’s more is that for every minute a sprinkler head is spewing water, about $2,000 worth of water damage is incurred. But the real issue is how long it could potentially take to shut off a sprinkler. Often, it’s the fire department that carries out this task — and it may take tens of minutes for firefighters to arrive at the scene.

The good news is that there’s an easy-to-use tool in the Shutgun available to quickly and effectively turn off activated sprinkler heads without having to rely on the fire department. When you consider that 90 percent of all fire sprinkler activations are accidental or inadvertent, it’s a tool that’s worth having on hand. Not only will it significantly reduce the amount of any claim that is filed, but it will also make any cleanup efforts far more manageable, permitting businesses to avoid any costly interruption. Even for just peace of mind, the Shutgun can be a valuable tool to have on hand.For more information on how damaging an accidental fire sprinkler activation can truly be and why the Shutgun fire sprinkler shut off tool can be such a valuable accessory in such situations, contact Shutgun today.

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