What Accidentally Triggers a Fire Sprinkler System?

For many years, fire sprinkler systems have been one of the most trusted fire-suppression solutions in commercial businesses, industrial settings, and residential apartment settings. While these systems have their obvious advantages, they do have one problem: accidental activation.

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to automatically dispense water when the air temperature surrounding the sprinkler head reaches 155 to 165 degrees. While modern sprinkler heads are less likely to get triggered without just cause, it can happen. Unfortunately, when a sprinkler gets set off, it can take a while to get it to shut off if you do not have the proper tools on hand. Here is a look at some of the common reasons fire sprinklers get triggered accidentally.

Freezing in the Water Lines of the System

If the sprinkler system is connected to water lines, as many traditional systems are, these pipes can freeze if they are exposed to freezing temperatures. When the water inside of water delivery lines freeze, it can put a lot of undue stress on the fittings and valves that cause the sprinklers to open and distribute water. Once the lines thaw, it can force water through the sprinkler head. To prevent this type of issue, it is best if you make sure the lines feeding the sprinkler heads are well-insulated.

Corrosion of Release Valves Due to Age

When a sprinkler system gets really old, some parts can start to break down due to corrosion. For example, the pressure release valves that control when water is released can get weak, which can mean they trigger and release water easier than what they should. Through regular inspection and periodic maintenance, you can avoid this kind of issue with a fire sprinkler system. However, having a sprinkler shut off tool on hand is also a good idea if you have an older system that is prone to accidental activation.

Overheating Around the Fire Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads will automatically activate and disperse water when they sense a high air temperature. It is not uncommon for the sprinkler heads to automatically activate because they are close to a heat source. For instance, if the head is situated near a skylight where bright sunlight is shining through, it can elevate the temperature enough to cause a reaction. You can invest in high-temperature sprinkler heads that activate at higher temperatures, but having a sprinkler shut off tool around is always best if you’ve experienced this issue.

Invest in a Sprinkler Shut Off Tool to Prevent Damage

In the event of a fire, a sprinkler system is an amazing thing and can really save your structure from total demise. However, when a fire sprinkler gets triggered for no reason, you can be left with loads of water damage that can cost a lot of money to fix. Having a sprinkler shut off tool on hand to quickly shut off the sprinkler that is activated can be incredibly advantageous. It’s even a good idea to have one of these tools on every floor just in case.

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