Case Studies

CASE STUDY – Goldseal Pest Control 

On Friday May 31, 2010 Goldseal Pest Control in Indianapolis called to increase their order for more Shutguns for their heat remediation trucks. This came after an incident in which a sprinkler head accidentally activated during a routine heat remediation process.

During heat remediation, hot air is piped into the room heating its core temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48C) or higher, as an effective means of removing bed bugs by reaching their thermal ‘death point’.

In the case with Goldseal, a sprinkler head was activated by the extreme temperature sending a torrent of water down into the room. Because the employee had a Shutgun on hand, he was able to shut off the water source quickly enough and mitigate water damage.

He not only saved the project, but a lot of time and money in clean up. The company is very appreciative of the Shugun and have since recommended this tool to colleagues in the same business.

CASE STUDY – Tulalip Resort & Casino, Samuel Askew, Manager

How did you hear about Shutgun? I was introduced to Shutgun through the IHMRS Show in NYC in 2012.  Prior to the show I received an email invite to stop by the booth and view the product. I was really impressed by the product itself, the presentation of the materials, and the service. My purchase was made then.

How many shutguns have you purchased? 24 units total.

What was the decision behind your purchase?  The quality of the Shutgun is extremely high.  Well made.  It’s also easy to use and requires little to no training to respond to an emergency.  Last but not least the greatest decision point was the fact that it contained a fusible link so that if it is used in an emergency, the sprinkler system will in turn still function if there is a fire incident. 

How have you used the Shutgun to date?   We had a new housekeeping associate dusting in and around the laundry room and broke a sprinkler head.  The Shutgun was quickly at hand and saved us from many many hours of cleanup, work, and of course limited damage to the facility.

What was the best feature for you in using Shutgun?  Aside from the Fusible Link, the fact that ANYONE can use it at ANY TIME means that our team members can respond to a situation at a moments notice.  The local fire depart loves them and are placing orders too!

AN INSURANCE PERSPECTIVE: Russell Post, Senior Advisor, Howard Noble Insurance


When you are dealing with retail or wholesale models, the main concern in regards to water damage or accidental flooding due to fire sprinklers is the loss of space and/or inventory.

If you’ve got furniture in a storage or warehouse that suffers water damage, you may have insurance and be able to cover for lost profit, but you may not be able to reclaim lost customers.  Either way, when you have damaged inventory, even though you make the product back – you’ve lost the business. Long term it’s difficult to get customers back.

Condo / Hotel / Property managers:

As most large corporations are self insured, they would be able to cover their own losses for the most part (The Molsons, Future Shop, Holiday Inns) It would be of great interest in these cases to have a device or way of mitigating long term damage associated with flood/water, since any damage they incur is coming directly off of their bottom line.

Beach Front Properties:

For properties who may have high incident rates as it relates to water damage, (waterfront, beachfront, etc) or may have previous water damage claims, they could be forced to take a 30K or even 40K deductible. This is not ideal, as they are paying more out of pocket for every minor incident or repair. It is in their best interest to mitigate damage and keep costs down.