Fire Sprinklers Cause An Average Of $35,000 In Water Damage

A single sprinkler releases 60 gallons of water every minute. Don’t wait 20 minutes for the fire department after an accidental sprinkler activation. Accidents happen. With Shutgun you can turn your sprinkler heads off yourself in seconds with our fire sprinkler head shut off tool.

The World’s Leading Sprinkler Shut Off Tool

Designed, tested and proven to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly. Why waste 5 minutes and $10,000 in water damage running to the maintenance department for your $60 Shutgun, keep one on every floor with the fire extinguisher to minimize damage from an activated fire sprinkler head.

More than 50,000 Shutguns have been sold and have become a toolbox staple for building managers, hotels, emergency services, contractors, moving and storage, and construction companies worldwide. Avoid potentially tens of thousands of dollars in water damage. Starting from $59.95