Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Condo Flood?

Flooding is a nightmare for many homeowners, especially those who live in a condo where the actions of other people in the building could have direct consequences on their own property. Here’s what you should know about who can be held responsible for a condo flood and the one tool you need on hand as a condo owner to prevent accidental flooding caused by fire sprinkler systems.

Condo Flood Liability 101

Contrary to popular belief, a condo owner is only responsible for water damage from a flood in their home, that is caused in another owner’s home, if it was their own negligence that led to the flood. For example, if a condo owner on the second floor of a building had a toddler who was left unsupervised and allowed to stuff a sock in the toilet, the condo owner below them with water damage on the bathroom ceiling may be able to obtain compensation for the cost of repairs.

However, if the flood was caused by something outside the second floor condo owner’s control, such as a burst pipe in the kitchen, the first floor condo owner would need to file a claim with their own homeowner’s insurance carrier.

What Happens If There’s a Flood?

A condo flood can originate from a variety of different sources. For example, a burst pipe, a clogged toilet, and a tripped fire sprinkler system are all things that can cause flooding and subsequently extensive water damage. Many people think burst pipes are the most common cause of serious floods, but fire sprinklers are of particular concern in condos.

Did you know that just one fire sprinkler can dump up to 60 gallons of water per minute once the system is tripped? Most residential sprinkler systems have about two sprinklers per room, unless the space is large, such as an open kitchen and living room design. Typically, only the sprinklers in the room the fire is in will trigger, unless the fire spreads. This means that even a small kitchen fire can trip about 2 to 4 sprinklers, emptying roughly 120 to 240 gallons of water every minute.

In a situation where there’s a fire that is handled, but the sprinkler system was triggered, or where you’ve simply bumped the sprinkler and caused it to go off, waiting for the fire department to come shut it off can have disastrous consequences.

How to Prevent Flooding With a Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool

While not all types of flooding from various sources can be prevented, one thing you can do to protect your condo and belongings — and your liability to other owners in your building — from water damage is to own a fire sprinkler shut off tool.

The Shutgun is an innovative sprinkler shut off device that is designed to be quick and easy to use. Models are available for both traditional and concealed sprinklers, and a variety of attachments is available to adapt the Shutgun to different uses. It requires very little training to operate, meaning anyone can learn to use it quickly, even if they’ve never operated the tool in an emergency situation before. The Shutgun is the world’s most popular and effective fire sprinkler shut off tool on the market today. Get yours now.

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