Are your Clients’ Documents Safe from Water Damage?

If you’re in the storage industry, you’ve made it a top priority to provide peace of mind for your clients. Businesses are looking to place confidential records in your hand. But before doing so, they need the reassurance that these items will be protected from theft and damage.  They are looking at the competition, diligently comparing each company to see which will provide the service that they are looking for.

So how do you ensure that these clients choose your storage company over others in the market? By clearly demonstrating that you are a leader in protecting and retrieving documents!

Five Key Items your Customers are looking for in a Security Facility

1)      Theft Protection

2)      24-hour security system in place

3)      Controlled Physical Access

4)      Ease in Document Retrieval

5)      Protected from Internal Damage

When it comes to damage, fire is the first item that comes to mind.  Your customers need to know that there are fire protection and suppression systems in place.  This includes fire proof rooms and automatic sprinkler systems.  But if you want to be a leader in this market, you need to have a strategy to respond to accidental fire sprinkler discharge.

Sprinklers systems are in place to stop the devastation from fires. However; there a few factors that could erroneously set these systems off, including being impacted.  With the water released at extremely high pressures, the damage to paper and electronic records could be devastating. The solution: having a proactive plan on site which includes the Shutgun tool.  This simple tool will provide your customers peace of mind, knowing that they chose a security company that has defined themselves as a leader in document protection.

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