Important Facts to Know About Water Damage Caused By Fire Sprinklers

Water damager after flooding in house with furniture floating.

While it’s important to have fire sprinklers in your building in case of a fire, these sprinklers can cause water damage when they malfunction. In some cases, fire sprinklers might turn on accidentally if they’re damaged. Even though fire sprinklers are a crucial part of protecting your building from fire, you should be aware of the damage they can cause. Keep the following facts about fire sprinkler water damage in mind, and consider protecting your building with a sprinkler shut off tool

Fire Sprinklers Can Cause Flooding

When fire sprinklers come on when there is no fire present, they can lead to flooding inside buildings. Floods can cause a significant amount of damage to building interiors. In severe cases, they can make buildings structurally unsound or lead to mold growth, which is a health hazard. How are fire sprinklers able to cause flooding? These sprinklers are designed to spray water that is under a high amount of pressure. This can cause widespread and serious water damage in a short amount of time.

Fire Sprinklers Can Malfunction for Many Reasons

What might cause the fire sprinklers in your building to turn on if there isn’t a fire? Several things can cause fire sprinklers to turn on accidentally, such as being installed improperly or becoming overheated if they’re in a hot part of your building. Corrosion and freezing are other conditions that can cause fire sprinklers to turn on when they shouldn’t. Damage caused by human error can also cause fire sprinklers to malfunction, such as accidentally bumping them. These sprinklers can also be tampered with, resulting in a higher risk of having them malfunction.

Water Damage Requires Prompt Care

When fire sprinklers begin to cause water damage, it’s essential to prevent this damage from getting worse. In mild cases, you might only need to allow an area to dry using large fans. In more serious cases, you might need professional help from water restoration experts to lower the risk of extensive damage. More severe cases of water damage often require special tools and equipment to ensure proper drying and a reduced risk of mold growth. You should also make sure you have a way to stop fire sprinklers from continuing to run when your building does not have a fire. Doing this can help prevent water damage.

Emergency sprinkler head emergency water stopper

A Sprinkler Shut Off Tool Can Prevent Water Damage

Water damage from fire sprinklers can cost you a significant amount of money to repair, so it’s important to protect your building. A sprinkler shut off tool offers a simple and effective way to turn off fire sprinklers when they’re activated by accident. With these tools, you can quickly stop fire sprinklers from soaking your building interior and leading to mold growth and other moisture problems.If you need more information on how a sprinkler shut off tool can help protect your building from serious water damage, please contact Shutgun. Our sprinkler shut off tools are able to turn fire sprinklers off right away when no fire is present.

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