Water Damage Restoration Cost

Water damage is one of the sneakier types of destruction that can happen to a property. It doesn’t take much to cause a world of financial trouble. Restoring water damage means first extracting the water, performing a thorough cleanup, and fixing any structural issues that were left behind. It’s why a sprinkler head shut off tool can save you thousands of dollars (and migraines). The best way to avoid water damage is to take as many precautions as possible.

A Wide Range

The average cost for water damage is around $3,000 for an average-sized home. A six-bedroom mini-mansion with a built-in sprinkler system could cost far more, while a tiny patch of damage in a basement might cost far less. In general, though, standard drywall damage and the repainting of the affected areas will generally run several thousand dollars. We’ll look at the cost break-downs per room for a better idea of the individual costs.


Water damage to a roof doesn’t just affect the exterior shingles, but also the flashing and potentially even the ventilation. Expect to pay about $6 for every shingle for a 500 sq. ft roof. As an aside, this is a good reason to get your roof inspected regularly as the damage likely can’t be seen from the ground.


The drywall in a kitchen generally costs around $55 for each sheet. If it’s a plaster wall, you’re likely to pay around $60 per-square-foot. Linoleum or vinyl floors will be about $1,000 for every 200 square feet of damage. Given the number of pipes in the kitchen, it’s especially important to protect the walls and floors from potential water damage.


One of the biggest costs that you’ll come across for a bathroom leak is for the damage it does to the ceiling. If it seeps through the second floor to the ground floor, you’re going to pay around $250 for each 10’x10′ area. A gray water leak that is contained in the bathroom will typically cost the national average of $3,000.

Laundry Room

The biggest expense in the laundry room is always going to be the washer and dryer. Replacing these will cost $3,000 alone, and you’ll also have to account for potential structural damage or electrical system malfunction.


Basements can have water damage for years without anyone realizing, resulting in anything from deterioration to mold. Mold removal can cost around $1,500 for professional removal, which is highly recommended for unventilated areas.

A Better Solution: Purchase a Sprinkler Head Shut Off Tool

Water damage can affect everything around the home, including your doors and windows. The above are just some expenses that might result from water that went rogue. One way to prevent this from occurring is to have the right sprinkler head shut off tool that can be operated with just one hand. For $60, a Shutgun can be stored near your fire extinguisher as a simple solution to cut off the water at the source.

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