How to Stop a Fire Sprinkler

Your fire sprinklers are effective tools that prevent injuries and property damage caused by fire. But, did you know that, 90% of the time a fire sprinkler is triggered, there is no fire? Fire sprinklers can be set off accidentally by human error or equipment malfunctions — in fact, the NFPA reports over 30,000 unintentional sprinkler activations a year. When this happens, gallons of water streams out of the activated sprinkler every minute, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage. The time that you spend chasing down shut off valves or waiting for the fire department is time that water is streaming down on expensive equipment and furnishings. This is why you need a solution in place. A fire sprinkler shut off tool can save you from hunting for the water shut off valve and allow you to stop the sprinkler in seconds, reducing costly flood damage and clean-up.

Ways to Stop a Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinklers are fed by pipes that have shut off valves placed periodically throughout the system. If you do not have a tool to shut off the sprinkler directly, you’ll need to shut off water at the source. Every system is different, so the first step would be to contact your sprinkler system’s manufacturer. If you are unable to reach them or if they do not have the information you need, water would have to be shut off at the main, which is usually located outside the building.

Alternately, a fire sprinkler can be shut off using a tool like the Shutgun. The Shutgun allows you to target the specific sprinkler that has been accidentally activated, fixing the problem in seconds. Shutguns are easy to use and compatible with a wide range of sprinkler types.

Why You Need a Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool on Every Floor

It’s not always enough to buy a single Shutgun. While you are running for the elevator or the stairs, around sixty gallons of water is pouring out of the triggered sprinkler head every minute. Often, the water that supplies the sprinkler head sits in the pipes for months or years, gathering mildew and debris. The clean-up from several minutes of sprinkler shower can be substantial.

By adding Shutguns in the same spots you keep your fire extinguishers, you can be prepared to respond quickly to an emergency, whether that event is a fire or an accidental fire sprinkler activation. The sooner you are able to shut off an errant fire sprinkler, the less water damage and interruption you are likely to face.

There are a number of Shutgun models available to suit different organizations’ needs. Smaller businesses can buy the basic model for under $60. Larger buildings can benefit from a comprehensive solution like the Compete Shutgun Case. Order your system today to help keep the buildings you are responsible for safe.

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