Should Homeowners Be Wary of Sprinkler Systems?

Sprinkler systems are a proven way to save people’s lives and prevent buildings from crumbling into ash, which is why more and more neighborhoods are requiring their residents to install them in their properties.

Yet despite their benefits, the fear of water damage from accidental activation or prolonged use has made some homeowners nervous. We’ll look at both the pros and cons of sprinkler systems and how homeowners can prevent unnecessary damage if they have the right fire sprinkler shut off tool at the ready.

Fires, Water Damage, and Insurance

Water and smoke damage are both costly to repair. However, water damage is still easier to fix by a long shot, especially when the other option is a home that’s burnt entirely to the ground. It’s why insurance companies offer up to 25% off premiums and pay to repair water damage caused by the sprinklers.

Fire sprinklers typically only activate when they sense 180°F or more, meaning they won’t go off just because someone burnt their toast or took an extremely hot shower. Plus, they’re designed to go off based on where the fire is rather than activate the full suite of nozzles. 9 times out of 10, the activation of one sprinkler is enough to contain the whole fire.

How a Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool Can Help

A sprinkler can produce dozens of gallons of water a minute. This is less than a fire hose, but you can still imagine just how much damage can occur in a short period of time. As a general rule, sprinklers are not easy to turn off by design.

However, the right shut off tool can help. The Shutgun is a tool that takes just one hand to operate. For pennies on the dollar, it’s easy to stop a sprinkler from being overzealous about its mission. From hotels to homes, property owners everywhere have ordered one to keep them from too much damage. After all, even if an insurance company covers it, that doesn’t mean people want to deal with the hassles of the repairs if they don’t have to.

Additional Concerns

At around $1.35 per sq. ft., it’s not nearly as costly to install a fire sprinkler system as many people think. Plus, the upfront expenses are typically paid back via cheaper insurance premiums. Municipalities that don’t require sprinkler systems may also offer property tax reductions to homeowners who make the effort.

Maintenance includes regular testing as well as a general awareness of how weather extremes will affect the water supply and pipes. Those with summer houses may need to turn off the water if they’re not going to use the property for a while or have a neighbor check in on the pipes from time to time. This way, they can rest assured an errant spark or flame won’t set the building on fire because their sprinkler system is still in operation.Shutgun is trusted by thousands of people to work when the chips are down. If you’re looking for a fire sprinkler shut off tool that won’t let you down, contact us today to learn more about our products.

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