Water Damage From Sprinkler Systems: 4 Do’s & Dont’s

Emergency sprinkler head water stopper

Sprinkler systems are designed to prevent widespread fire damage, but they have one major drawback. These systems can end up causing severe water damage, which can occur at any time. Sprinkler systems sometimes go off when there’s no fire, resulting in costly damage to building interiors. Although sprinklers are an important fire safety tool, you should have a way to easily turn them off if they go on when no fire is present, such as a sprinkler stopper. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind for what to do and what not to do when you have water damage from a sprinkler system.

Don’t Let Water Damage Continue

Sprinklers can keep causing water damage as long as they’re on. Having a sprinkler stopper on hand allows you to turn sprinklers off quickly and conveniently. This helps prevent additional water damage from occurring. You should keep these sprinkler shutoff tools where they’re easy to reach in case your sprinklers turn on accidentally. With these tools nearby, you’ll be able to stop sprinklers from continuing to spray water inside your building.

Do Prepare Ahead of Time

In addition to having sprinkler shutoff tools close by, there are other steps you can take now in case water damage occurs later on. These steps help minimize water damage if sprinklers turn on accidentally or due to damage. You should know where water shutoff valves are in your building. Your building should have a main shutoff valve, and there might be other valves located in other areas. You should also make sure you know how to properly turn off these valves, as well as the electricity to your building in order to reduce the risk of electrical shock and property damage. Have the contact information for your sprinkler system company and insurance company on hand if water damage occurs.

Don’t Delay Documenting the Damage

When you have sprinkler system damage, it’s important to document it right away. This includes taking photos and videos of the damage for your insurance company. You’ll need to provide these as proof of damage when you file a claim. You should also keep a file with all of the documentation related to water damage, such as receipts for damaged equipment and estimates for repairs. Make sure you also avoid moving larger items before the adjuster does an inspection for insurance purposes.

Do Hire Professionals for Cleanup

Avoid handling all of the cleanups from water damage on your own, since this could expose you to contaminated surfaces. Instead, hire a restoration company to clean up damage from sprinkler systems. This helps reduce your risk of exposure to harmful materials and ensures that your building interior will be properly cleaned and restored.

Contact Us for a Sprinkler Stopper

If you’re looking for a reliable sprinkler stopper to protect your building from water damage, contact Shutgun today. Our sprinkler head shutoff tools make it easy to turn sprinklers off in order to prevent water damage from occurring.

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