Who Is Responsible to Repair and Pay for Flood Damage?

Flood damage in multi-unit dwellings, such as condos or townhomes, can affect more than one unit. Whether you have flood damage in your own unit or damage that reaches other units, it’s important to know who is responsible for arranging and paying for repairs. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to know if your condo corporation is partially or fully responsible for covering these repairs. While having a fire sprinkler shut off tool can help reduce the risk of flood damage, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with knowledge of whose responsibility it is to pay for repairs.

Common Elements vs. Unit Elements

Condos have certain common elements that the condo corporation or management is typically responsible for maintaining. When flood damage occurs, who pays for repairs might depend on whether the damage involves common elements or elements within a unit. In general, condo corporations are expected to maintain common elements in order to reduce the risk of damage. Condo owners are expected to maintain their own unit to lower this risk. After damage happens, condo corporations might be responsible for arranging and paying for repairs based on section 89 of the Condominium Act of 1998. However, condo owners still might be held responsible for paying for repairs depending on the circumstances.

Condo Corporation vs Condo Owner Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage might help cover the cost of repairing flood damage, although specific policies can differ. In general, condo owners are responsible for paying for the cost to repair or replace personal items that have been damaged in a flood. Condo owners are also usually responsible for covering the cost of additions or improvements made to the unit due to flood damage. The condo corporation’s insurance coverage is generally used for repairs made to the standard unit after flooding.

Insurance Deductible

When it comes to using insurance coverage for flood damage repairs, keep in mind that a deductible might need to be paid first. The condo corporation is typically responsible for paying this deductible, but this can change based on who was at fault for the flooding. For example, condo owners might be held responsible for covering the cost of repairs if they were responsible for the flood damage that occurred.

Preventing Flood Damage

Taking steps to prevent flood damage can help you avoid the hassle of figuring out who is responsible for arranging and paying for repairs. If you’re a condo owner, this might mean keeping plumbing fixtures in good condition, such as having clogs or leaks handled promptly before flooding can happen. Fire sprinklers can also cause flooding in a short amount of time, so having a fire sprinkler shut off tool on hand is important. This tool allows you to shut off fire sprinklers right away before they’re able to cause damage.

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