Why Moving Companies Should Equip Trucks with Fire Sprinkler Head Tool

Moving companies work hard to ensure that customers’ belongings are protected, from placing items securely in the truck, to transporting it.

To further put their customers at ease, movers use equipment specifically designed to decrease the risk of damage. These include quilted blankets, bubble wrap, ropes,  shoe covers,  safety ramps,  carpets –  even removing the front door at times!

So why is it, that so many trucks are missing the essential equipment to respond to accidental fire sprinkler discharge? 

Automatic sprinklers are now standard in offices, hotels, apartments, condos and an increased number of residential homes across North America.   And rightly so, automatic fire sprinklers save lives! However; when accidentally discharged, the damage can be financially devastating!

Water from a sprinkler head is released at pressures of more than 165 psi and 60 gallons per minute, which can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. The durable cast aluminum Shutgun is the best multi tool that allows movers to shut off an activated sprinkler with a one-handed squeeze.

It only takes one hit from a ladder or heavy piece of furniture, to set these fire sprinklers off.  This is why we recommend, a Shutgun for every truck in your fleet. And be sure to bring your sprinkler shut off tool into the residence so as to not waste time going back to the truck to get it!

At $1,000 per minute in damage for every minute that the water is left flowing – 2 or 3 minutes can add up to disaster.

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