Institutional Shutgun Is Safe Alternative For Correctional, Mental Health Facilities

Accidents involving fire sprinkler heads can be a costly reality facing institutional and correctional facilities today.

Detention and correctional facilities pose unique fire protection design and installation challenges. These types of buildings includes any facility where people are restrained by locks they do not control such as prisons, some mental health facilities and juvenile detention facilities. The fire protection design for these buildings is particularly difficult with concerns including the potential for vandalism to the fire protection equipment and specifically the automatic sprinkler systems themselves.

The “institutional” sprinkler heads used by these types of facilities have been designed to be “tamper resistant” – making them more suitable than other types of sprinkler heads for installation in environments where vandalism is a concern. They are also designed to reduce the likelihood of attaching heavy loads to the device prior to failure; an important feature in correctional or mental health facilities where there is the possibility exists for self inflicted injuries.

The team at Shutgun has developed a new Institutional Shutgun specifically engineered with these types of unique characteristics in mind – it gives facility managers peace of mind of having the proper sprinkler system in place for fire protection and patients’ safety, while shutting down any extensive water damage due to accidental activation.

Secondly, Because many correctional facility employees are not familiar with the workings of sprinklers and how they operate, a high level of confusion exists when vandalism occurs and the sprinkler head activates. Shutgun has made it simple with their trademark, one handed squeeze.

Shutgun will be displaying their prototype of their Institutional Shutgun at the 146th Congress of Correction trade show in Boston, MA from August 7th and 9th at booth #1619 !

sources: Viking Group PDF

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