The Benefits of Professional Fire Sprinkler Installation

fire sprinkler system in an industrial building

Fire safety is critical for any type of business or organization. Investing in a professionally installed fire sprinkler system is one of the best ways to protect your property and potentially save lives.

When installed correctly and maintained properly, these systems provide an effective layer of fire safety that works in the background at all hours. 

Unfortunately, far too many business owners cut corners when installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. While professional installation and maintenance may seem like a financial drain at the time, it is a valuable business investment.

The right system can safeguard lives and property by reducing the risk of large-scale fire damage, and it can help mitigate the risk of water damage. 

If you’re ready to get an effective fire protection system for your business, here are some benefits of opting for professional fire sprinkler installation!

The Primary Benefits of Professional Fire Sprinkler Installation 

1. Reduction of Fire-Related Injuries and Fatalities

fire system installation in an industrial plant

When a fire emerges in a crowded and unprepared workspace, there is always a real risk that it could result in the loss of life. According to the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, a properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system can reduce the average loss of life by as much as 82%. 

Not only can a commercial fire sprinkler system suppress and extinguish the fire, which naturally reduces the risks of fire-related fatalities, but it can also slow the fire’s spread, which gives employees and other personnel much-needed time to evacuate. It can also provide first responders valuable time to arrive on the scene and aid with evacuation efforts. 

2. Protection of Property, Inventory, and Other Assets

stylized image of a fire extinguishing system

While saving lives is undoubtedly the main advantage of a well-installed sprinkler, protecting significant property loss is also incredibly beneficial. Regardless of industry, your business almost certainly invests considerable money into equipment, inventory, and the property itself. An uncontrolled fire can be extremely destructive when it is allowed to spread.

Rather than allow these devastating losses to put your entire business at risk, a commercial fire sprinkler system can help extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to other areas of your business. As mentioned above, a fire sprinkler system can also slow the spread of the fire so the fire department has time to arrive on the scene. 

3. Reduced Risk of Water Damage

While many assume that the only risk associated with relying on a poorly installed fire sprinkler system is poor fire suppression capabilities, that only explains half of the risk. One of the most overlooked dangers of not installing an automatic sprinkler system properly or failing to perform fire sprinkler maintenance is the fact that the system could leak or misfire. 

Even relatively small leaks can result in thousands of dollars in water damage, while a full-blown misfire could cause untold damage to inventory, equipment, and the property itself. Water damage caused by a fire sprinkler system malfunction can financially cripple a business and lead to lengthy shutdowns. 

Professional fire sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair can reduce the risk of costly water damage. 

4. Proper Compliance with All Fire Code Regulations

When you opt for professional fire sprinkler system installation, ensure that your system meets all the relevant fire codes and safety regulations. Not only do you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fire suppression system meets all of the legal requirements, but you can also avoid costly fines and potential insurance complications in the event of a fire. 

Professional fire sprinkler system installers also know how to calibrate your system properly, which ensures that the trigger mechanism will fire in the event of a fire. Fire sprinkler experts will also ensure that your system expels appropriate water to extinguish flames without causing significant or excessive water damage. 

What Are the Risks of Non-Professional Fire Sprinkler Installation? 

Unfortunately, far too many business owners choose amateur fire sprinkler installation to save on up-front costs. Even those who take over buildings with existing fire sprinkler systems will not have an inspection, assessment, and or professional maintenance.

While this may seem appealing for a business looking to cut operational costs, it can be one of the costliest decisions they ever make. Professional fire sprinkler installers and maintenance personnel can assess the unique needs of a building and ensure that each fire sprinkler head is positioned correctly to maximize their effectiveness.

Beyond preventing coverage vulnerabilities, they can also test the system to ensure it is supplied by adequate water pressure. Professionals can also calibrate the delicate detection components to ensure the fire sprinkler heads will be triggered if a fire is in the immediate area.

They can also inspect existing systems and install new ones to ensure no leaks or serious risks of misfires. Again, this can prevent tens of thousands of dollars in water damage.

What Can You Do if You Need to Shut Your Fire Sprinkler System Off? 

While opting for professional installation and regular maintenance is the best way to prevent leaks and misfires, accidents can occur. Even if your fire sprinklers are triggered appropriately, they will continue to discharge water even after the fire is extinguished.

Again, this can lead to significant water damage, especially if you are forced to wait for first responders to shut the fire sprinkler system off. 

Since a single fire sprinkler tends to release roughly 60 gallons of water per minute, waiting 20 minutes for the fire department could be disastrous. Luckily, a simple and cost-effective solution to fire sprinkler-related water damage exists. Introducing the Shutgun! 

What Is the Shutgun? 

steps to shut off fire sprinklers using shutgun water sprinkler shut off tool

The Shutgun is the world’s leading fire sprinkler shut-off tool. This simple, handheld tool lets users deactivate a fire sprinkler head in seconds. With fire sprinkler-related water damage causing an average of $35,000 in damages, having a few tools accessible to maintenance personnel can be incredibly valuable. 

Not only is the Shutgun simple to use, it is incredibly affordable. This explains why more than 50,000 Shutguns have been sold around the world. If you are ready to safeguard your business and order your own Shutgun, click the link below.

Final Words 

While most people already know the usefulness of a fire sprinkler system, it must be considered how important it is to ensure your system is professionally installed and maintained. 

Rather than risk fire sprinkler heads failing or misfiring, choose professional installation. In a fire, you will be glad your fire sprinkler system runs correctly and can effectively protect lives and defend your property!

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