Fire Sprinkler Accident Videos: The Hall of Shame

Fire Sprinkler Accident Videos: The Hall of Shame  

When fire sprinklers go wrong, they can create enough chaos that people feel called to capture the whole mess on film. People may dash from the spray, building owners may come out of nowhere to stop the problem before too much damage occurs. Sprinkler fails are a lot more common than you think, whether they’re caught on camera or not. From malfunctioning pipes to too much force, it’s all too easy for sprinklers to activate at the worst possible times. We’ll look at the hall of shame videos that show just how rough it can get. 

Down Low, You’re Too Slow 

Parking garages were never meant to accommodate big trucks. Their ceilings are just too low to have anything that tall make their way through. But sometimes U-Haul drivers ignore those clearance levels in hopes of making it into a convenient space. Instead of just damaging the ceiling of the garage though, this truck managed to break open the fire sprinklers for a serious shower. 

A Shoddy Installation 

When installers skip steps and cut corners, it can end in tears. This video shows just how devastating it can be to have to deal with the aftermath of poor installation. From the property owner to the fire marshal, the whole affair proved that regulatory laws and business codes can’t always save you from an accident. The right sprinkler shut off tool could have saved everyone a lot of hassle. 

Pack ‘Em In 

Trade shows can difficult to pull off even under the best of circumstances. The sheer number of people all trying to make an impression can lead to utter confusion and exhaustion. But imagine how much more flustered the people at an Orlando show felt after the sprinklers accidentally went off. 

Foam It Up 

Water is one thing, but foam is another. Foam systems use chemicals to quickly put fires out, which can make them more effective than a traditional water system. But if the foam fails on account of malfunction, you just end up with rooms that look like a bubble bath went very wrong. 

When fire sprinklers fail from afar, there’s no denying that it’s interesting (even funny) to watch. When it happens to you though, you’re at the mercy of forces that can cost you up to $1,000 a minute. From just $60, you can get a Shutgun sprinkler shut off tool that only takes one hand to operate. It’s the best (and easiest) way to step in when things go wrong.

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