Can Safety Features Support an Ultra Luxury Experience?

The luxury hotel experience is about exceeding customer’s expectations. Every factor needs to be considered from the sheets on the bed to the foyer decor. This experience is exclusive, sophisticated and indulgent.

Traditional safety features, from the flashing neon exit sign to the obtrusive sprinkler head, detract from this experience.  Hotel guests don’t want to be reminded of the possibility of fire. But is it possible to have an aesthetically pleasing luxury experience that seamlessly integrates safety?

Absolutely! And for today’s guest experience it is not just possible but essential.

1)  Luxury Linens

Flame retardant materials no longer means uncomfortable linens and tacky patterns.  Be diligent and ensure that all décor from the curtains in the room to the furniture in the foyer mirrors the unique attributes of each hotel.   A good night’s sleep is one of the top priority for guests.  Well designed blackout curtains and comfortable linens will help take that guest’s experience to the next level.

2)  Less is More

When furnishing a room, think minimalistic.  A few strategically placed, well chosen pieces, makes the room seem larger and in turn more luxurious. As an added benefit, this open space creates a wider pathway in the case of an emergency evacuation.

3)  Seamless integration

Exit signs, emergency lighting, fire alarms and extinguishers are all necessary parts of a fire safety plan. Guests don’t want to be reminded of the possibility of fire. To impart that luxurious experience, look for ways that the safety equipment can be incorporated into the current hotel design.

When it comes to exit signs, they’ve come a long way from the garish ones in the past. Today’s hoteliers can opt for signs that will support that luxury experience from edge lit to recessed die cast signs.  And, instead of the clear glass case, place your fire extinguishers in easy to access cabinets that flow with the hallway design.

4)  Conceal your sprinkler heads

Semi recessed sprinkler systems are not only tacky they are easier to accidently activate. Concealed sprinkler heads offer hoteliers an aesthetically pleasing design while protecting both their guests and the property. These heads provide the needed function to extinguish potential fires while seamlessly integrating into the décor.

5)  Manage the Risk of Accidental Discharge

There is perhaps nothing more detracting from a customer’s luxury experience than having both themselves and their items soaked by a sprinkler. Especially, if the sprinkler was discharged accidentally. To manage the risk of accidental discharge, equip your hotel with the Concealed Head Shutgun tool. This tool is equipped with a longer probe to reach the opening of the water source recessed inside the sprinkler head.  Hotel maintenance staff can shut off the water flow with a one-handed squeeze, dramatically reducing the amount of water damage that occurs from an accidental discharge.

Offering an authentic luxury hotel experience to guests is about fluidly connecting design with high service levels. To guarantee that full luxury experience, hotels need to commit to offering both the design and service level that will exceed guests’ expectations.

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