Damage Prevention 101: Protect your Sensitive Documents in All Circumstances

Record management is a vital part of almost every industry and ensuring sensitive files or documents are safe and secure should be of top priority. When records are lost or damaged, it can put your company at significant risk, including operational, financial, and perhaps most detrimental, risk to your company’s reputation.

When companies are choosing a storage facility to protect their valued documents, they should be certain that in addition to security, it also has the proper equipment and personnel to ensure their assets are fully protected.

The challenge for these facilities is ensuring that the integrity of the documents is fully protected throughout the storage period.

Do you have the tools in place to protect your documents?

  • All documents and files are clearly labeled and stored, for easy retrieval and archival
  • Climate controlled facility to protect from damage, humidity and condensation
  • Fully secure to reduce the risk of stolen documentation
  • Clear fire prevention plan including automatic fire sprinklers
  • Responsive Risk Prevention Plan including what to do in the case of accidental fire sprinkler discharge

Automatic Fire Sprinklers are the best Protection

When it comes to protecting valued documents, the first thing individuals consider is protection from fire so choosing a place to store your documents where automatic fire sprinklers are installed should be on the “must have” list. The damage from fire can be extensive, costing thousands of dollars in both lost documents and devastating damage to the facility. To ensure your valued documents are protected, facilities should include a clear fire prevention plan including fire alarms and automatic fire sprinklers.

Automatic Sprinklers protect your documents by:

  • Targeted protection; only those sprinklers in the heat of the fire will discharge water
  • Decreasing the amount of damage by controlling the fire until emergency personnel arrive
  • Wet records may still be recoverable; burned records are not.

However; take the time to ask some additional questions of your facility, including what is their response plan for accidental fire sprinkler discharge?

 Accidental sprinkler discharge does occur.

Although not as destructive as fire, the impact of water damage from a fully flowing sprinkler head on equipment and documents can be extensive.

  • In October 2016, Houston Police Department found this out the hard way. Thousands of sensitive evidence files were significantly damaged when the sprinkler system was accidently discharged in the evidence room. This potentially impacted up to 4200 active cases.
  • In March of this year, sprinklers were accidentally discharged at the Wichita Falls public library damaging more than 3,000 books.
  • In September 2016, the atrium and basement of Vancouver’s downtown public library flooded damaging a section of the library’s automated sorting system, including approximately 1,000 books and DVDs from the library’s collection.

Whether you’re protecting paper, technology, or sensitive evidence, you need a storage facility that has a fully responsive system. This system should include a fire prevention plan, including automatic sprinklers, and a response plan for accidental sprinkler discharge.  Responding to accidental sprinkler discharge should not be an afterthought!

This is why Technicraft Product Design engineered the Shutgun line of products. These easy-to-use tools empower individuals to shut off sprinkler valves with a one-handed squeeze. It is a fast, easy, and responsive solution to accidental sprinkler discharge. When looking for a security facility, look for companies that include quick and effective shut off tools like the Shutgun. Having this fully comprehensive plan will provide you with the peace of mind that your documents are both secure and fully protected.

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