First Ontario Home Project to include sprinkler systems


 MacKenzie Ridge Terraces, in Vaughan Ontario, is the first production home project in Ontario to include sprinklers as a standard feature, which fire departments and insurance companies have been advocating for years.

They will equip 136 executive townhomes and six semi-detached homes, with a fire-suppressant sprinkler system in each room plus a heat detection system installed in each garage and wired into the home’s smoke detector alarm system.

In addition, Co-operators Insurance has offered purchasers at Mackenzie Ridge a 10 per cent minimum reduction in insurance premiums because of the sprinkler system. Fire alarms and other fire safety features has opened the home insurance company to consider further premium discounts.

“This advocates what we have been encouraging for years,” said Greg Patterson, “Which is to give incentives for building owners and residents who add fire safety measures and equipment to their fire safety plans.”

John Caruso, Vaughan’s fire prevention officer, said 15 per cent of house fires in Vaughan last year started in the garage.

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