Shutgun’s New York College Campus Giveaway

On the heels of the Kerry
Rose Fire Sprinkler Notification Act
signed by governor Cuomo on July 25,
Shutgun is issuing a Sprinkler Awareness Challenge to all New York College
Campuses to enhance awareness among students and staff on proper sprinkler use
and safety.
“This bill has heightened awareness around fire safety on
college campuses,” said Greg Patterson, engineer and President of Shutgun. “We
are challenging campus operators to take this bill one step further with our
sprinkler awareness challenge.”
Shutgun’s Sprinkler Awareness Challenge will offer a
free Shutgun tool, along with demonstration videos and fire sprinkler FAQ
document to every college campus in New York State. Managers can enter here to receive their free
kit by mail. If interest persists, Shutgun will consider extending this offer
to other Canadian and U.S. regions.
There are over 300 college campuses in New York State, most
equipped with sprinkler systems. “Now that students are living with these
devices, they should be made aware of how to treat them and the proper
procedures around sprinkler safety,” said Patterson.  “We also want the
staff to have the right tools in their kit in case a sprinkler emergency does
Though accidental fire sprinkler activations are rare, there
are several well documented reports of sprinkler floods in college dorms. 
The results range from thousands
of dollars in water damage
to hundreds of displaced students with disrupted
The Top examples of accidental sprinkler head activation in
college dorms as;  Hanging Clothes (and other items) from the sprinkler
head; Soccer balls; and Frisbees!
View a list of top college dorm sprinkler flood videos
on twitter at #Shouldahadashutgun.

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