Shutgun successful at Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Supply Show

successful at Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Supply Show

 It was another successful showing for Shutgun at the 37th
Hotel Motel and
Restaurant Supply Show
held in Myrtle Beach last month.
Shutgun was able to acquire hundreds of new contacts, several of which owned 20
hotels or more, as well as a large chain of 72 properties. CEO Myra Starnes is
a fan of the Shutgun sprinkler shut off tool and spoke with us about the
benefits of the product in her experience.  

“As a property owner, I know the headaches of sprinkler head
activation and the damage it can cause – this is such an easy solution. When I
saw it I just said ‘yes! This makes sense’,” Starnes has bought several Shutguns
for her own industrial properties, some of which have 48 ft. ceilings, and will
insert them into each high lift for easy access. “The best feature is that you
can reactivate the sprinkler head without compromising the rest of the system –
it minimizes so much damage.”

began 38 years ago in order to create a marketplace that brings industry
experts and vendors together. Today, it encompasses a five state area and hosts
reps from both independents and large hotel restaurant chains in a casual and
comfortable setting.
For info on the 2014 show visit

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