Should insurance companies offer incentives for properties that own Shutgun?


FACT: Water damage claims from accidental
fire sprinkler activations hurt the bottom line of Insurance companies and
increase the premiums of property owners. Ross Humphry, President of
Safety Equipment
, encourages
Canadian insurance companies to offer incentives to buildings that have the Shutgun on every floor. “It only
makes sense,” he says, “as the insurance companies will be the ones to save
money in the long run.”
Just one sprinkler activation can cost
between $10,000 – to $50,000 in damage for the property owner. Shutgun can
reduce the damage inflicted in those crucial minutes after a sprinkler head is
activated. For hotel operators, this means the difference between a single room
being out of operation for a few days to multiple rooms on many floors being
unavailable for weeks.
Joe Fisco of Petra Risk Solutions in California agrees, “I believe that
insurance companies should offer a credit to property owners who have Shutguns
in every fire hose cabinet in their buildings. The bottom line is that water
damage is costly and the Shutgun can greatly reduce the amount of money that
gets paid out in water damage claims.”
An advocate for the Shutgun in the hotel
industry, Joe continues by saying, “It’s actually a win/win for everyone.
The insurance companies save money and the building owners and fire departments
save time, money and productivity. Is the Shutgun worth an incentive?

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