What Can You do to Stop a Broken Sprinkler Head?

If you don’t have a sprinkler stopper, then a broken sprinkler head can quickly become a disaster. For every minute that a sprinkler head is left on, 60 gallons will be pumped into your space. If a sprinkler head is accidentally activated, you might wait 20 minutes for the fire department to come and fix the issue. On average, fire sprinklers cause around $35k in water damage. In order to lessen the damage, you should know how to stop a broken sprinkler head as quickly as possible.

Establish Your Plan for a Broken Sprinkler

The majority (90%) of sprinkler activations are accidental, so an emergency plan is the best way to avoid damage. The sprinkler is a common threat in most commercial spaces, so having a plan of action is the best way to avoid unnecessary expense.

  • Know your sprinkler system and get familiar with the water shut-off procedures.
  • Designate employees in charge of water shut-off in case of accidental activation.
  • Implement training through a sprinkler technician to teach those selected employees how to handle a broken sprinkler.
  • Post a clear contact list in an accessible place, including direct numbers for the nearest fire department, senior company management and your fire alarm company.
  • Get a sprinkler stopper to stop the water quickly without deactivating the entire system.

Keep Your System Maintained

In the case of a fire, your sprinkler system will reduce damage by using less water than a fire hose and stopping the fire damage as early as possible. So, it’s important to keep this system in place and ready for action. Your sprinkler system might be a life-saver in the event of a fire, but a huge pain in your expense sheet if it goes off without cause.

Most sprinkler activations are set off when the plug breaks from age, stress or bumping. This might occur during a move or renovation. The best way to avoid accidental activation in the first place is by keeping the system in good standing.

  • Have your fire sprinkler inspected by experts regularly to ensure things are up to date.
  • Find a company you trust to perform maintenance checks without fabricating unnecessary updates and repairs.
  • Make the recommended repairs as quickly as possible.

Always use your system correctly and never hang anything from the sprinkler heads. This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at the decorations, streamers and even clothing that sometimes gets hung from sprinkler heads. Don’t paint over the sprinkler heads, and take special care not to bump them if you are moving large or tall items.

Install a Sprinkler Stopper

Developed by a former fire chief, Shutgun is the sprinkler shut-off tool that fits nearly any fire sprinkler system. It will even work on sheared, broken, concealed or semi-recessed sprinkler heads. As the top-selling sprinkler stopper in the world, Shutgun is a patented design that could save you thousands in the event of an accidental sprinkler activation. Have one on hand as part of a plan for stopping a broken sprinkler head.

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