Water Damage

Water damage from an accidental activation of a fire sprinkler head can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and insurance premiums.

Is your insurance ready to cover water damage related to accidental fire sprinkler activation?

A Shutgun is a much cheaper solution.

“Brilliant from both a water damage mitigation standpoint, and the sheer design itself!”

Tim McGreal
PE Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineer
McGreal Forensic Engineers Products

“Shutgun is a win for everyone. The insurance companies save money, the facility avoids excess water damage and the fire departments save time and resources. It’s a win, win, win.”

Joe Fisco
Petra Risk Solutions

It is estimated that damage caused by accidental sprinkler activation can cost up to $1,000 for every minute left running. This does not account for displacement of tenants, guests or lost business due to rooms or floors being out of service.

Shutgun turns thousands of dollars in clean up and lost time into a minor problem, quickly fixed.

“One of our cleaning staff had the Shutgun on hand and saved us from many hours of clean up and damage to the facility. The fact that ANYONE can use it at any time means that we can respond at a moments notice.”

Samuel Askew
Property Manager
Tulalip Resort & Casino, WA

On a construction site, the delays and costly clean up due to accidental fire sprinkler activation can not only incur penalties from pushed deadlines but can damage a company’s reputation and increase insurance premiums.

“As soon as I saw the value of what Shutgun could offer, I purchased one for each of my construction managers. There is no better insurance at that price.”

Barry McGrory
Commodore Contractors

“I have had Program Managers agree that they should require any workmen on their site to have a Shutgun in their toolbox.”

Greg Patterson
Engineer, President

AN INSURANCE PERSPECTIVE: Russell Post, Senior Advisor, Howard Noble Insurance


When you are dealing with retail or wholesale models, the main concern in regards to water damage or accidental flood due to fire sprinklers is the loss of space and inventory.

If you’ve got furniture in a storage facility or warehouse that suffers water damage, you may have the insurance to be able to cover for lost profit, but you may not be able to reclaim lost customers. Either way, when you have damaged inventory, even though you make the product back – you’ve lost the business. Long term, it’s difficult to get customers back.

Condo / Hotel / Large Property managers

As most large corporations are self insured, they would be able to cover their own losses for the most part (International brands, large hotel chains, etc.) It would be of great interest in these cases to have the tools in place or a way of mitigating long term damage associated with flood/water – since any damage they incur is coming directly off of their bottom line.

Beach Front Properties

For properties who may have high incident rates as it relates to water damage, (waterfront, beachfront) or may have previous water damage claims, they could be forced to take a higher deductible (sometimes 30K or even 40K). This is not ideal, as they are paying more out of pocket for every minor incident or repair. It is in their best interest to mitigate future loss or damage and keep costs down.