Shutgun vs Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools: Which Shuts Off Heads Better?

When it comes to protecting your property from water damage due to a fire sprinkler system, you want to have the best sprinkler shut off tool for your situation and goals. Although it is (infrequent) for a sprinkler system to activate without a fire, it does happen.  Having the right shut off tool reduces the impact of accidental activation. Shutgun and Quickstop are the two most popular options, but you want to compare them to determine the right option for your needs.


Quickstop became a widely known product due to its debut on the popular television show “Shark Tank”. It was originally developed by a firefighter who noted that he saw water damage due to accidental activation of a sprinkler system that created concerns for property owners.

The primary advantages of Quickstop include:

  • Light weight design
  • Simple instructions for using the tool
  • A full warranty

The potential downside of the Quickstop tool is the limitations on the sprinkler heads that it may fit. Since it is an “all-in-one” tool only for exposed fire sprinkler heads of a certain type, it does not always suit every building or sprinkler system. It is best suited for firefighters that want a tool that will do more than just shut off a fire sprinkler head; however, it is not ideal for many residential or commercial properties in locations that may use a narrower or different type of sprinkler head.


Shutgun is growing in popularity due to its unique design and usability. It offers a wider range of potential usage as a sprinkler shut off tool because it provides a range of different sizes and styles to fit different sprinkler systems.

The primary advantages of Shutgun include:

  • The standard Shutgun fits all ½” upright, pendant, wall mount and semi-recessed sprinkler heads.  That is 90% of the sprinkler heads that you see in use.
  • It has interchangeable parts and models for various types of sprinkler heads, including concealed and recessed heads, sheared heads, and institutional heads
  • The cost is reasonable

The primary downside associated with Shutgun is that it will require a little time to review the instructions and select the right model for the building. It is ideal for property owners who may have unique sprinkler head systems due to sizing or style or for contractors that do not know what kind of sprinkler system they may encounter.

Which is the Better Sprinkler Shut Off Tool?

Although Quickstop offers a simple all-in-one tool, it is not ideal for most situations and buildings. It has limitations on the systems that work well with the tool, so it may not work for institutional or commercial buildings that have systems with unique designs. The Shutgun is a better tool for most buildings due to the flexibility of multiple parts and accessories. It also has a lower price-point, which makes it ideal for building owners to keep in case of unexpected sprinkler activation.

Comparing the Quickstop and the Shutgun tools starts with clarifying your needs. When you are unsure about the best option, the Shutgun offers more flexibility and a lower price that may help reduce your concerns while giving you the right tool to minimize and prevent water damage.

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