Shutgun provides sprinkler protection: New York Build 2016

Debating about whether to get a Shutgun sprinkler shut off tool for your construction site – Why not come out and see the product for yourself? On March 7th and 8th, Technicraft Product Design Inc. will be demonstrating their line of products at the New York Build Show Booth C19.  Don’t put your new building at risk!

A quick visit will offer a live demonstration and show you how the Shutgun is:

  • Made to Last
  • Easy to Use
  • Adaptive to different sprinkler head models

The reality is construction sites are at a higher risk for fire, and the increased use of highly flammable material like wood is simply increasing this risk. There is a need to focus on construction fire safety: including having effective fire safety systems in place.

Despite this, there is still a resistance to install automatic sprinkler systems for fear of accidental discharge. Don’t put your head in the sand hoping that your building will not be one of the unlucky ones. Be proactive and protect your investment with automatic sprinklers and the Shutgun tool.

Already have a Shutgun tool on your construction site? Consider our new safety carrying case – which holds three varieties of Shutguns making sure you are covered in ANY sprinkler emergency situation. We believe firmly that the Shutgun is only as good as its closest toolbox.

We strongly believe that every environment that has an automatic sprinkler installed, should have the Shutgun tool close at hand.

At the $50 price point, it’s a minimal investment that will potentially save thousands of dollars caused from accidental discharge.

Come by booth C19, visit President Greg Patterson and share your Shutgun story!

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