Hotel Managers Beware: Fire Safety is at Risk During the Holidays

During the holiday season, hotels tend to ramp up the charm with added décor and guest experiences. With crammed schedules and sold out rooms, it’s easy to become preoccupied with perfecting the guest experience while brushing over fire safety. Keep your guests and staff safe, by making fire safety an essential part of your holiday preparations.

Fire Safety Holiday Decor

Tis the season for lovely decorations! Christmas wreaths, garlands, lights, and trees all bring forth Christmas cheer but are all potential fire hazards.  Keep fire protection at top of mind when decorating, with these easy tips:

1)   Ensure all artificial trees are labeled “Fire resistant”

2)   Ensure that all live trees are regularly watered.

3)   Keep all trees and décor at least a metre away from any heat source.

4)   Before lighting a fireplace or any candles, ensure that décor is kept at a distance.

5)   Do not hang decorations from fire sprinkler heads.  This can easily activate the sprinkler causing considerable water damage.

In the case where fire protection strategies fail, automatic fire sprinklers are the next best line of action. This equipment is instrumental in not only saving lives but stopping fires from spreading. According to Seattle Fire Department, 96% of fires are extinguished or contained with less than three sprinkler heads.

As an additional precaution, ensure that your staff is fully trained on the signs of accidental discharge and how to react accordingly. Emergency water shut off tools, like the Shutgun tool, are essential to prevent damage, save costs and maintain the optimal guest experience.

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