Can Safety Features Support an Ultra Luxury Experience?

The luxury hotel experience is about exceeding customer’s expectations. Every factor needs to be considered from the sheets on the bed to the foyer decor. This experience is exclusive, sophisticated and indulgent. Traditional safety features, from the flashing neon exit sign to the obtrusive sprinkler head, detract from this experience.  Hotel guests don’t want to be… Continue reading →

Damage Prevention 101: Protect your Sensitive Documents in All Circumstances

Record management is a vital part of almost every industry and ensuring sensitive files or documents are safe and secure should be of top priority. When records are lost or damaged, it can put your company at significant risk, including operational, financial, and perhaps most detrimental, risk to your company’s reputation. When companies are choosing… Continue reading →

Managing Risk: The Problem with Management Tunnel Vision

Whether you’re employed in the hospitality sector, corporate world, construction or government, risk prevention is most likely a part of your daily routine. If it isn’t, it should be. In any of these industries the one thing that each share is risk. At face value, managing risk can appear very simple. Effective risk prevention strategies are about… Continue reading →

Five Excuses That Don’t Hold Water When it Comes to Early Fire Sprinkler Installation

There are five common excuses for why construction sites don’t install sprinklers. It could be that they cost too much money, or the construction company has never had need of them before; they could be seen as a waste of time, there’s already a clear fire prevention plan in place, or they don’t want to… Continue reading →

Vandalism and Arson puts Inmates at Increased Risk of Fires

In 2002, a fire at Mitchell County Jail, was unable to be contained. The older jail did not have fire sprinklers and a limited exit strategy, due to flight risks. As a direct result eight inmates lost their lives. This past October, inmates at the Neuse Correctional Institution in Goldsboro, North Carolina, set two separate… Continue reading →

5 Ways to Avoid Sprinkler Accidents in Cold Weather

Don’t let Winter Temps Be The Cause of Accidental Sprinkler Activation. As the temperatures plummet, the risk of accidental fire sprinkler discharge increases.  Regular maintenance and testing is critical to ensure that the automatic fire sprinkler system is functioning properly.  However; the cool temperatures bring with it the additional risk of frozen pipes and damaged… Continue reading →

Why Moving Companies Should Equip Trucks with Fire Sprinkler Head Tool

Moving companies work hard to ensure that customers’ belongings are protected, from placing items securely in the truck, to transporting it. To further put their customers at ease, movers use equipment specifically designed to decrease the risk of damage. These include quilted blankets, bubble wrap, ropes,  shoe covers,  safety ramps,  carpets –  even removing the… Continue reading →

Institutional Shutgun Is Safe Alternative For Correctional, Mental Health Facilities

Accidents involving fire sprinkler heads can be a costly reality facing institutional and correctional facilities today. Detention and correctional facilities pose unique fire protection design and installation challenges. These types of buildings includes any facility where people are restrained by locks they do not control such as prisons, some mental health facilities and juvenile detention… Continue reading →

Are your Clients’ Documents Safe from Water Damage?

If you’re in the storage industry, you’ve made it a top priority to provide peace of mind for your clients. Businesses are looking to place confidential records in your hand. But before doing so, they need the reassurance that these items will be protected from theft and damage.  They are looking at the competition, diligently… Continue reading →

Shutgun exhibiting at AMSA: March 20th to 23rd

On March 20th to 23rd, Technicraft Product Design Inc. will be demonstrating their line of products at the American Moving and Storage Association Conference. Protect your investment by keeping a Shutgun tool in every office and on every truck. Come by and visit, President, Greg Patterson at Booth 702 and share your Shutgun story!   While… Continue reading →