Are You Setting Your Moving and Storage Business up For Success?

Labour needs to be looked at as an investment in your operation. Hiring the right individuals and providing them with the right tools will ensure that your company runs both smoothly and efficiently. In 2015, Laborers, freight staff and material movers had one of the highest number of work place injury cases, with 4.5 cases for every 100 workers.

When it comes to investing in a business, most operations tend to focus on management and supervisors. However, did you know that focusing on the hiring, training and equipment for your general laborers can not only increase employee satisfaction but decrease work place injuries? The cost to operate a moving and storage company is at an all-time high with wage increases and incremental rises in the cost of fuel. Do not increase your costs by failing to invest in your employees and their safety.

Hire Right the First Time

The talent pool for general laborers is startlingly low, which can increase the risk of hiring quickly. Nobody wants to lose a potentially good employee, especially when they are limited, but hiring rashly can put your company at risk.

No matter how good a resume appears, take the time for an in-person interview.

When interviewing, include questions about how they work in a team, handle conflict and problem solve. How well do their responses fit with your company’s values?  Don’t forget to include real life scenarios to gauge if the potential candidate can think on their feet. Remember, moving items safely and securely requires planning, team work, and strong customer service skills. These individuals are the face of your company: take the time to ensure that they are the right individuals for the job.

Place a Value on Work Place Safety

The moving industry, by its very nature, puts your employee at increased risk for injury. Include work place safety in every conversation, so that your employee understands why it needs to be an essential part of their job. This includes having access to the tools, equipment and training, to keep themselves safe on the job. For example: Lifting belts, gloves and steel-toe work boots can help protect the employee with heavy lifting. Knowing the weight of the furniture in advance can help ensure that workers have the right equipment, like carts and dollies, so that the item is removed safely.

Protect your Investment

Most moving companies today recognize the value of including carpets, blankets and other protective tools on their trucks to ensure that both the materials and buildings are not damaged. When a sprinkler head is activated by either bumping, breaking or temperature fluctuation, water releases at pressures up to 165 psi or 65 gallons per minute. Quick shut off is critical to prevent damage of everything from furniture, equipment and valuables. Despite this there is still very little discussion of what to do in the case of accidental fire sprinkler discharge. In the majority of cases, accidental sprinkler discharge could have been prevented. Train your staff to watch out for doorways and sprinkler heads when moving tall equipment, and in the case of accidental discharge, ensure there is a sprinkler shut off tool on each truck.

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