Nursing Homes wise to avoid sprinkler mishaps

We at Shutgun are happy and supportive of the government’s recent legislation to have all Ontario retirement homes and long-term care facilities equipped with an automatic water sprinkler system.

“This is truly great news for the safety of all senior and long term care residents in Ontario,” said Greg Patterson, fire sprinkler advocate and  co-owner of

“However, along with the security and comfort that the sprinklers will provide, it comes with the inevitable mishaps and accidents that could create discomfort and confusion among retirement residents and for the nursing home.”


The new regulations will take effect January 1,  2014 and will call for more inspections, extra training for staff and a review of each facility’s fire safety plan.


“We are trying to encourage that each building’s plan includes a way to safety and quickly shut off each sprinkler’s water supply if an accident does occur,” said Greg Patterson.


 An accidental sprinkler discharge could not only create damage and confusion, but with water flowing at pressures up to 25  gallons per minute  it could flood a small unit in mere minutes.

“Once you have to start displacing residents as a result of water damage or cleanup, it becomes a much larger issue of cost and headaches for the nursing home manager,” said Patterson.

“As always, having a Shutgun on hand for single, sprinkler deactivation is the safest, fastest solution for building managers to avoid disrupting their residents and their operations.”






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