Everett Fire Department in Washington demonstrates Shutgun in action!

Steve Goforth, Fire Inspector/Investigator with the Everett Fire Department in Washington State, sent in photos of the Shutgun in action.  Just one day after the Shutguns were deployed on the fire trucks, 

one immediately demonstrated its real-life value.

The sprinkler had already been heat activated when the Everett firefighters were called to contain a cooking fire in a senior’s apartment complex. 

With Shutgun in hand, the fire fighters were able to reduce the amount of water damage by simply installing the Shutgun right at the source.  The firefighters were pretty amazed at the efficiency of the Shutgun. 

The property owners were very happy to have less water damage to contend with and no doubt their insurance company will be even happier.

Steve is pleased to share his experience of the Shutgun with firefighters everywhere. Steve says, “For over 100 years our firefighters have been carrying wooden wedges in their pockets to stop sprinkler flow.  The Shutgun is definitely a tool we can use in residential and commercial occupancies to reduce the water damage from water flow after the sprinkler has contained the fire.”

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