What Are Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads?

Fire sprinkler heads are an important part of keeping buildings safe from fires. These sprinkler heads spray large amounts of water when a fire is detected. Different kinds of fire sprinkler heads are installed in buildings based on certain factors, such as the area they’re meant to protect. Although they provide protection from fires, these sprinkler heads can turn on accidentally or malfunction, increasing the risk of serious water damage. Having a sprinkler stopper for any of the following fire sprinkler heads can help you shut them off fast and prevent damage.

Pendant Sprinkler Heads

Pendant fire sprinkler heads are the most common kind you’ll see in buildings and other facilities. These sprinkler heads are installed on pipes in ceilings, where they’re able to spray water in multiple directions if there’s a fire. Pendant sprinkler heads have a circular deflector plate that sends water out in a cone-shaped pattern. You can easily see pendant fire sprinkler heads when they’re installed, which can affect a room or area’s appearance. However, this also makes them easy to access when you need to turn them off quickly to stop water damage from occurring.

Concealed Pendant Sprinkler Heads

Concealed pendant fire sprinkler heads are similar to regular pendants, but they’re placed inside ceilings with no visible parts showing. Instead, a decorative cap or cover is placed over these sprinkler heads to hide them from view. These recessed sprinkler heads are installed in areas that need more subtle sprinkler heads that aren’t hanging down or visible. The caps or covers on these fire sprinkler heads drop or fall away when the room temperature is 20 degrees lower than the sprinkler activation temperature. This helps ensure that the sprinkler head is able to spray water if needed.

Upright Sprinkler Heads

Fire sprinkler heads with an upright design face the ceiling instead of facing the floor. These sprinkler heads have defectors that are able to discharge water in a hemispherical direction due to their curved design. Upright fire sprinkler heads aren’t common in highly visible areas of buildings. Instead, they’re sometimes used in areas that have exposed ceilings, beams, ducts, or other obstructions. These sprinkler heads might be slightly harder to reach in order to turn them off without help from a sprinkler shut off tool.

Sidewall Sprinkler Heads

Sidewall fire sprinkler heads are installed on the wall rather than on the ceiling. These sprinkler heads are placed in hallways, smaller rooms, and other areas that have pipes going up the walls instead of the ceiling. Sidewall sprinkler heads spray water in a half-circle pattern since they only have half of a deflector rather than a whole deflector. These types of fire sprinkler heads are generally easy to reach, since they’re on the wall and not up high.

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