The Shutgun Complete Set (7pc) SALE!

Full Shutgun case for fire sprinkler emergency water shut off

Make sure that you are prepared for emergencies and potentially save thousands of dollars in water damage with the Shutgun. This tool is a staple for building managers, hotel maintenance workers, emergency service workers, moving and storage company employees and construction workers all around the United States and beyond. Best of all, you can get our complete, seven-piece Shutgun set for just $399 from now until April 30th (a $450 value).

About the Shutgun

To date, we’ve sold more than 50,000 Shutguns worldwide. It’s easy to see why this tool is fast becoming an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone charged with protecting and maintaining a building. The Shutgun quickly turns off the sprinkler before it can become a costly mess. Did you know that most sprinklers are activated by something other than a fire? Even bumping against a sprinkler or knocking it with a piece of wood during a renovation can set it off. In such cases, there’s no reason for all that water to be gushing from the ceiling. The quicker you can shut it off, the less damage you’ll incur. In the event of a sprinkler malfunction, even a few minutes delay can cause costly water damage. We recommend having one on every floor, right next to your fire extinguisher.

The Shutgun family of devices is designed to work with international as well as domestic sprinkler systems, and will shut off just about any fire sprinkler, including standard, sheared, broken, concealed, institutional, and semi-recessed style sprinkler heads, in a matter of seconds. The Shutgun is easy and safe to use and can be operated with just one hand. We’re proud that our device is the #1 selling sprinkler shut off tool in the world.

Act by April 30th and Save

We want to make it easy for you to have the Shutgun in your arsenal of tools. That’s why we’re discounted our Complete Shutgun Case (seven pieces) from now until April 30th. This set includes the original Shutgun, a sheared head Shutgun, a concealed head Shutgun, an institutional Shutgun, a sheared head attachment for 1/2″ sprinkler head, a sheared head attachment for 3/4″ sprinkler head, a 3/4″ attachment to cover larger orifices on many 3/4″ sprinkler heads and a handy, plastic carrying case. Regularly priced at $450, this seven-piece set is just $399.00 until April 30th.

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