Shutgun Debuts New Product at Build Show 2015

Accidental fire sprinkler activations can be one of the most costly, project prohibitive challenges facing Project and Building managers today. The results of accidental activating can vary from thousands of dollars in damages, project delays and lost wages. That is why Shutgun Tool has decided to showcase their newly released fire sprinkler shut off products at this year’s BUILD EXPO USA taking place September 16 & 17 at the NRG Centre in Houston.

“There is no limit to the amount of accidents that can occur on a construction site or in an enclosed work space, especially when heavy equipment and machinery is being operated,” said Greg Patterson, president, Technicraft Product Design and co-inventor of Shutgun.

When a sprinkler head is activated, quick shut off is critical. Water from a sprinkler head is released at pressures as high as 170 psi and up to 60 gallons per minute, which can easily result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  The durable cast aluminum Shutgun allows the user to shut off the sprinkler system with a one-handed, squeeze.

“Traditionally, wedges were used to contain flow from sprinkler heads, but they are rudimentary and often do not completely shut off the water flow,” said Patterson.

For situations where the sprinkler head may have been broken or sheared off, Shutgun has created the Shutgun Sheared Head Attachment to ensure that shut off remains seamless.

Barry McGrory is Labour manager with Commodore Builders and has purchased Shutguns for each of his superintendents and foremen. “Accidents don’t just happen during demos, even drywallers can set them off occasionally,” he said. “If you’re working in an occupied building, the real damage is to the floors below, so stopping that flow of water is even more critical.”

As an added safety feature, Shutgun’s unique fusible link allows it to be left in place with the sprinkler system charged until the pipes can be drained and the head replaced – thus giving you full building fire protection despite the activation.

Shutgun has three versions including original Shutgun for standard sprinkler head models, Sheared Head Shutgun and Concealed Head Shutgun for recessed sprinkler heads. They have also just launched their new durable, safety case which stores three types of Shutgun in one easy-to-see case for quick emergency response. The Shutgun is an indispensable tool that belongs with every fire extinguisher and in every contractor’s toolbox. “The Shutgun is insurance for a construction company and it has proven its value in real life situations,” said Patterson.

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The Shutgun Team

Cost benefit of purchasing multiple Shutguns – we did the math

Many of our clients have done a great job at not only stocking a Shutgun along with their fire boxes and annunciator panels, but also in training their staff and front line personnel on the proper use and procedures in a sprinkler-related emergency.

We would like to applaud you – and although yes, it is a good idea to have a Shutgun tool at the annunciator panel, it actually is more cost effective to invest in multiple Shutguns per property, having one with each fire extinguisher box. Here is the ‘official’ formula:

$ cost benefit = Shutgun x Floors + Time ($1,000 per minute)

Allow us to explain…don’t worry, there will not be a test later!

Take the example of having just ONE fire extinguisher for an entire building. If a small fire broke out on floor #7 but the extinguisher was on floor #1, the amount of potential damage that could be inflicted in the time it takes to run down and back up with the extinguisher, could be severe.

Similarly, it is estimated that the cost of clean up, repairs and water damage related to accidental fire sprinkler activation can run up to $1,000 per minute for every minute that a sprinkler is left running. (That’s about $17 per second if you don’t have your calculator handy)

Here’s the math in action – see which scenario makes more sense to you:


1 Shutgun x 4 Floors = $50

(savings of $200 for buying only 1 tool)

+          If it takes at least 5 minutes to go down several floors, get the Shutgun and come back –

5 minutes = potentially $5,000 in damage

=          $5,050 in damage and time wasted.


5 Shutguns x 4 Floors (+ 1 for panel) = $250

+          0 minutes to run and get Shutgun = $0/minimal in damage

=          $250 (and minimal damage to rooms/floors.)

*Essentially, the savings on purchasing tools is negated by the resulting damage of time wasted in retrieving the tool.

Economic sense? We think so too! The simple solution: a Shutgun for every floor.

For a gold star – please stock your condo, hotel, and high rise with multiple Shutguns – as well as share/tweet/tag this post with the hashtag #OneOnEveryFloor

Lastly, for our existing customers – be sure you have your Shutgun Sheared Head Attachment for recessed fire sprinklers in walls, ceilings.