Sprinkler Pipe Leaks Due to a Freeze

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Although they can be readily stopped by a high-quality sprinkler stopper, it’s best to stop sprinkler pipe leaks before they start. And the best way to prevent sprinkler pipe leaks this winter is to protect pipes against freezing.

In addition to surrounding sprinkler system pipes with appropriate exterior insulation, you should follow the advice of wise building owners everywhere by diligently draining pipes of water before any hard freeze. Furthermore, you must regularly check pipes for cracks and leaks, addressing all damage in a timely fashion with appropriate repair procedures. For more information on ways to avoid pipe freeze damage and repair issues as they arise, check out the expert advice of the Pulitzer Prize-winning news and information website SFGATE.

How Frozen Pipes Can Lead to Sprinkler Pipe Leaks 

Simply put, subfreezing temperatures place uninsulated and poorly maintained sprinkler pipes at considerable risk. Within the rigid confines of a pipe, water simply has nowhere to go as it turns to ice, expanding significantly while doing so. While this expansion generally won’t cause a break in the sold surface of the pipe itself, it will readily lead to damaged joints and intersections, stretching them apart and making them spring free-flowing leaks

While underground sprinkler piping benefits from the natural insulation of subterranean soil, piping and valves positioned above ground are extremely susceptible to freezing. This creates considerable issues for fire system sprinkler systems, which generally require a significant amount of above-ground infrastructure.

Special Considerations for Fire Sprinkler Systems 

In addition to subjecting all pipes to regular maintenance and repair, the fire sprinkler stopper company Shutgun recommends taking preventative measures in high-risk areas such as corridors and stairways. If these areas are not consistently and reliably well heated, the pipes within them must be adequately insulated. Shutgun also identifies freezing pipes as one of the most common reasons that a fire sprinkler system will activate.

Address Pipe Leaks with a Quality Sprinkler Stopper

Within a few minutes of fire sprinkler activation, you can suffer water damage that may cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. While preventative pipe-freezing measures are an absolute must, a high-quality sprinkler stopper is essential when the unthinkable happens.

Built to be compatible with fire sprinkler systems around the globe, the Shutgun family of fire sprinkler shut off devices can stop water flow from virtually any fire sprinkler in a matter of seconds. These devices even work on sprinkler heads that are concealed and semi-recessed as well as those that have been broken or sheared. Extremely safe and easy to use, Shutgun products allow a single person to shut off just about any active sprinkler head using only a single hand.

For More Information

If your building isn’t protected by quality sprinkler stopper equipment, you may be placing your property at significant and unnecessary risk. To find out more about how to protect your building from frozen pipes and other common problems, contact a skilled and knowledgeable Shutgun representative today.

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