Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Services and How They Benefit Your System

Fire sprinkler repair

An effective fire sprinkler system is often seen as one of the central components of fire prevention for any commercial or industrial building. Not only can they detect fires automatically, they can suppress and contain them quickly, minimizing property damage and protecting lives. 

While there is no denying the importance of automatic fire sprinkler systems, their reliability and effectiveness depend on regular maintenance and inspections.

Today, we are going to examine various types of fire sprinkler services that are available. More importantly, we will discuss how they can keep your fire suppression system running effectively. 

Why Are Fire Sprinkler System Services So Important?

Before we dive into specific services, it is worth taking a few moments to stress the importance of keeping your fire sprinkler system running efficiently and effectively.

As you would expect, the key benefit of regular maintenance is ensuring that your system can rapidly and effectively protect lives and property by suppressing fires; however, it is not the only reason you should ensure that your system runs properly. 

There is also the fact that many insurance providers will investigate the condition of fire prevention systems before paying out any fire damage benefit.

Not only could having regular services performed on your fire suppression system reduce your monthly premiums, but it could also guarantee that you are fully covered in the event of a fire. 

Regular service can also be a legal requirement, depending on local fire codes and safety regulations. Rather than risk the legal ramifications of not having your system serviced correctly, it is always worth investing in fire sprinkler services. 

The Main Fire Sprinkler System Services

1. Quarterly and Annual Fire Sprinkler System Inspection Services

Fire sprinkler system inspection

Professional fire sprinkler inspection services should be performed at least several times per year. These professional services go beyond the basic visual inspections you should be performing yourself regularly. 

Fire safety experts and trained technicians will thoroughly examine your entire system to look for damaged components, signs of corrosion, or any blockage that could prevent your system from operating correctly. 

These inspections can also involve functional testing, where the system is activated in a controlled manner to guarantee that every component in the system functions as it should. Flow testing can also check the system’s water pressure and release rate when individual sprinkler heads are activated. 

2. Component Maintenance and Replacement Services

Even the highest quality components need to be replaced at specific intervals to guarantee the overall effectiveness of a fire sprinkler system. Maintenance services can ensure that all components are cleaned and maintained professionally. 

Typically, these services involve thorough examinations of all sprinkler heads and cleaning to prevent blockages caused by dust and debris. As you would expect, clogged or damaged sprinkler heads will not release water effectively in the event of a fire, which can be a serious safety liability. 

These maintenance services will also inspect and test all valves within the system to ensure they release water correctly. Even a single valve fault could result in a completely ineffective sprinkler system, so this type of service is essential. 

3. Fire Sprinkler System Audit Services

Fire sprinkler system audit

While it may sound similar to an inspection, fire sprinkler audits go beyond inspecting a system for signs of damage. Audits involve a more comprehensive assessment of the system’s condition and effectiveness. 

Essentially, these auditing services ensure that your system complies with all relevant fire codes and is suitable for the type of building and business you are operating.

If your system is inadequate for your facility or the fire sprinkler system installation is not done correctly, auditors can recommend the appropriate actions. 

These more thorough inspections can also involve hydrostatic tests to check the integrity of the pipes feeding the sprinkler system. If the audit does reveal a lack of pressure in the system, the service personnel could recommend the installation of a fire pump, which can increase pressure throughout the system.

4. Repair and Upgrading Services

Typically, these types of services can be carried out by the same companies that perform basic maintenance and component replacement services, but they are worth identifying separately.

Fire sprinkler manufacturers are continuously innovating and developing more effective components. Rather than fully replace your entire system, there are professional services that can retrofit your existing system with various upgrades and updates. This can enhance the overall effectiveness of your system.

For example, modern automatic fire sprinkler systems can feature smart technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can be alerted when any sprinkler head is activated, even if it occurs while nobody is inside the building. Most fire suppression systems can have these types of features added to them by trained professionals. 

What Can Happen if Your Fire Sprinkler System Is Not Serviced? 

Neglecting your fire sprinkler system can have serious financial and safety consequences. For starters, your fire sprinkler system could fail without proper maintenance and regular inspections. Meaning it would be entirely ineffective in the event of a fire.

There is also the fact that not scheduling the appropriate services could cause your system to degrade at a faster pace. Without detection, corrosion can quickly destroy expensive components and lead to costly repairs. On the other hand, quick detection could mean addressing the issue with a simple part, like an O-ring or a new valve. 

A poorly maintained fire sprinkler system could also misfire or leak, resulting in serious water damage. While it may not pose the same safety risks, water damage can be just as costly as a fire, as it can destroy inventory and equipment, lead to structural damage, and even cause fires by short-circuiting electrical systems.

While the proper fire sprinkler services can help to reduce the likelihood of misfires and leaks, accidental activations can still happen. This is why it is essential to be prepared. 

Introducing the Shutgun 

Unfortunately, even a properly maintained and regularly serviced fire sprinkler system can cause significant water damage. Individual fire sprinkler heads can release over 60 gallons of water per minute. Just one misfire could cost thousands in water damage.

Even if your fire sprinkler system worked correctly and successfully extinguished a fire, the water it would continue to release before being shut off could be financially ruinous. 

Luckily, there is a simple and affordable solution. The Shutgun is a handheld tool that you can use to quickly and easily shut off fire sprinkler heads in seconds. Rather than waiting for the fire department to arrive, you can shut off a fire sprinkler head yourself.

We recommended keeping a Shutgun fire sprinkler shutoff device with every fire extinguisher so it is always easy to find and access in case of emergency.

To learn more about the Shutgun and how it can help you avoid costly water damage repairs, click the link below: 

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