Do Fire Sprinkler Heads Expire?

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Fire sprinkler heads play a crucial role in stopping the spread of fires inside buildings. However, they need to be in good condition in order to do this. It’s important to know whether or not fire sprinkler heads expire and when they should be replaced. Keep in mind that having a sprinkler head shutoff tool offers a handy way to turn off older or malfunctioning sprinkler heads that come on when no fire is present.

Importance of Having Reliable Sprinkler Heads

Fire sprinkler heads are designed to last for several decades. However, they are subject to develop wear and tear over the years. These sprinkler heads can also become damaged, causing them to work ineffectively. For example, they might turn on when there’s no fire or smoke around. This can lead to water damage, mold problems, and other damage unless you’re able to turn them off immediately with a fire sprinkler head shutoff tool.

Wear and tear or damage could also make it harder for fire sprinkler heads to work properly and come on when there is smoke or fire. Having unreliable sprinkler heads puts your tenants and building at serious risk of injuries and major damage. While sprinkler heads might not have a specific expiration date, you should consider their age and condition, especially if they have not been maintained regularly.

Fire Sprinkler Head Age and Condition

You might not be able to tell if your fire sprinkler heads should be replaced just by looking at them. In some cases, damage isn’t evident, but it can be present. For example, interior components of sprinkler heads can have damage that prevents them from working properly. In other cases, visible signs of damage or wear and tear are easy to notice. Fire sprinkler heads that have corrosion or rust, for example, should be inspected and replaced as needed. Sprinkler heads that have noticeable damage should also be repaired or replaced.

You should try to find out the age of your fire sprinkler heads as well. Knowing how old they are can help you determine when to have them tested. You might also be able to tell if it’s time to replace them based on their age and overall condition

When to Test Fire Sprinkler Heads

How often you should test the fire sprinkler heads in your building depends in part on their type. Extra high sprinkler heads should have tests done every five years, while dry pendent sprinkler heads should have tests done every 10 years. Quick response sprinkler heads need an initial test done 20 years after installation followed by tests every 10 years after that. Standard sprinkler heads should have an initial test done 50 years after installation followed by tests every 10 years after that.

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