Concealed Sprinkler Head Shut Off Tools – What Is the Best Choice?

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A well-maintained fire sprinkler system is one of the most important pieces of fire safety equipment any business can have. Designed to protect lives and property at all hours, your fire sprinkler system can be the difference between catastrophic losses and a small-scale incident. 

With that said, fire sprinkler systems can misfire, start leaking due to physical damage or corrosion, or even be accidentally activated. When these scenarios unfold, being able to deactivate the fire sprinkler head quickly can help you and your business avoid tens of thousands of dollars in water damage. 

Today, we will explore the importance of having the right tools to shut off fire sprinkler heads when they are not needed. More specifically, we will cover the best option for shutting off concealed sprinkler heads—the Concealed Head Shutgun

What Are Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads? 

As the name suggests, concealed fire sprinkler heads are a unique type of sprinkler head that is designed to blend into the ceiling or wall where it is attached. The lower profile and solid covering make them more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fire sprinkler heads, which have a very industrial and noticeable profile.

Their more inconspicuous profile makes them popular in customer-facing businesses and residential buildings, like hotels, offices, showrooms, and condominium buildings. Essentially, any type of business or residential building where maintaining a clean and professional appearance is important will often opt for concealed fire sprinkler heads over the alternatives. 

How Do Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads Work?

Basically, the sprinkler head itself remains behind a decorative cover plate. When a fire is detected, the cover plate drops, allowing the sprinkler behind it to expel water more effectively. 

While their concealed design certainly gives them a more attractive appearance than a typical fire sprinkler head, the fact that they remain behind a cover plate can make them more challenging to manage if the sprinkler starts to leak or is accidentally activated.

This is why it is so important to invest in a shut-off tool specifically designed to handle the unique challenges a concealed fire sprinkler head creates

Why Is It Important to Shut Off Fire Sprinkler Heads Quickly? 

Given that a single fire sprinkler head can release up to 60 gallons of water in a single minute, it’s incredibly important that they are shut off as quickly as possible when they are not needed. Whether caused by some form of accidental activation or a severe leak due to physical damage, the resulting water damage can be incredibly expensive

Not only can water damage electrical equipment and inventory, but the long-term damage to ceilings, walls, and flooring can also be disastrous.

In businesses that house critical pieces of equipment or high-end buildings outfitted with expensive furnishings, the water damage caused by a running fire sprinkler head could even exceed the damages caused by a small fire, which is why it’s also important to deactivate a running sprinkler head as soon as it has successfully extinguished the flames that triggered it. 

Mitigating Water Damage Risks with a Concealed Head Shutgun 

Rather than waiting for first responders or a trained maintenance crew, giving yourself the right tools to shut off running fire sprinkler heads is incredibly important. 

The Concealed Head Shutgun was specifically designed to handle fully concealed sprinkler heads, which can be the most difficult and time-consuming to deactivate using conventional tools. Rather than fidgeting with a screwdriver and vice grip, our unique Concealed Head Shutgun addresses the unique challenges posed by concealed head sprinklers in the easiest way possible. 

The following are just some of the benefits that explain why it stands out as the premier option for concealed head sprinkler systems: 

One-Hand Operation

Like the original Shutgun Fire Sprinkler Head Shut-Off Tool, our concealed head version of the Shutgun can be operated with a single hand. This allows trained personnel to safely and effectively use the tool from a ladder or awkward angle, enhancing safety and the speed with which it can be used. 

Tailor Made for Concealed Head Sprinklers

Unlike low-quality, generic sprinkler head shut-off tools, our Concealed Head Shutgun was explicitly designed to overcome the challenges posed by these more discreet sprinkler heads. For starters, the longer probe of this type of Shutgun was engineered to reach into the small opening of the water source, which is recessed inside the body of the sprinkler head. No more struggling to reach; simply deactivate the sprinkler head with a tool made for the job! 

Compact and Portable

Like the other Shutgun variations, the Concealed Head Shutgun was designed to be carried with ease and used in tight spaces. The compact design also means you can discreetly distribute them throughout your property, ensuring quick access to the tool when needed.

In fact, we recommend building a Custom Shutgun Case to ensure you have the right number and variety of Shutguns for your exact needs. Once you have the appropriate type and number of Shutguns, you can use the Shutgun Wall Mount to position one Shutgun with each fire extinguisher. 

To learn more about how the Concealed Head Shutgun works and why it is superior to the few alternatives out there, we highly recommend watching the following video: Concealed Head Shutgun Training Video

Why Should You Invest in the Concealed Head Shutgun? 

When you consider the fact that the Concealed Head Shutgun is a low-cost tool that addresses an incredibly costly issue, it is one of the better investments you can make in your business. 

In a situation where a fire sprinkler head is expelling water rapidly, do you really want to find yourself fumbling for tools or trying to figure out how to use what’s in your toolbox to try and address the situation? Of course not. You want a quick, simple-to-use solution that will actually work. 

Another unique advantage of the Shutgun is that the tool is equipped with a built-in fusible link that will release if it is exposed to temperatures exceeding 164°F (73°). This ensures that the fire sprinkler system will continue to remain operational in the event of a real fire. 

So, if your fire sprinkler head was activated accidentally, you do not have to leave your business unprotected while the Shutgun is attached. Rather than mangle the sprinkler head to deactivate it with tools not designed for the job, you can rest assured that you can quickly and safely turn the sprinkler head off while still maintaining its fire protection capabilities. 

Final Words 

Having the correct shut-off tool is essential if your building relies on concealed sprinkler heads for fire protection. The Concealed Head Shutgun provides a fast, safe, and efficient way to address incidents without compromising your property’s overall fire safety. 

Make sure that you can deal with issues quickly and effectively—place a Concealed Head Shutgun near every fire extinguisher today. Click the link below to learn more and order your own! 

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